Audrey Kitching

Name: Audrey Lynn Kitching

Nickname: Twigg

Date of birth: Friday, July 26, 1985

Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA

Height: 5’ 4” (163 cm)


Hair: Very long, mostly pink, sometimes-other colors.

Zodiac sign: Leo

Tattoos: ‘666’ inside of her lip

Piercing: Nose & Septum.

Famous for: Modeling

Favorite stores in L.A.: Pop Killer, Jet Rag, Wasteland and Barracuda.

Quick Facts

  • Loves to wear latex
  • Pierced her septum herself.
  • Loves to work with Lithium Picnic and Casey Curry.
  • Favorite Fashion show she has done is West coast choppers calendar.
  • Her fashions Icons are as listed: Mary Kate, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, and Edie Sedgwick. But usually wears whatever she wants.
  • Her influences are music and fashion.
  • Was in one of Bon jovi’s music videos.
  • Has 3 older brothers.
  • Likes cotton candy, blowpops and gummie bears.
  • Her favorite song of all time is Mr. Jones by Counting Crows
  • One of her hidden talents is she can twist her arm all the way around.
  • She can play the piano.

“Audrey Kitching is a model, Internet personality, and phenomenon.”

Interview: Audrey Kitching

Reporter: You started modeling at 16. How did you get into modeling so young?

Audrey Kitching: My mom and I were going to get our nails done in Philly and there was a modeling agent at the same salon who approached my mom without me knowing – my mom actually didn’t tell me right away because she was scared for me to get into that kind of business. Eventually I signed with them and started doing a lot of catalogue work for Kohls and JC Penny. I looked a lot different then to say the least – pretty all American with strawberry blonde hair and a tan. [Laughs]. It was crazy because not a lot of people get discovered in a city like Philly. I even won some pretty big awards from the IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) – like Best Pose and Most Photogenic. I have the trophies in my room.

Reporter:What are the best and worst things about Los Angeles

Audrey Kitching:Best – good food like In-N-Out – grilled cheese and animal fries – YUM. And good shopping

Worst – I really don’t like the people here. Like even the guy last night when we were going to get pizza was rude for no reason. I think there are a lot of pretentious people here – users – I don’t like that.

Reporter:If you’re in a horrible mood, at the grocery store buying tampons, and some fan comes up to you, how long would you put up with their crap?

Audrey Kitching:That actually just happened to me – I wasn’t buying tampons, but I was sick with a fever and ran out to get medicine. Felt awful, looked awful, had no makeup on and a fan came up to me and asked if she could take a pic. I pretended I wasn’t me and acted like I had no idea what she was talking about. I felt bad, but I was burning up and just wanted to be left alone.

Reporter:Audrey Kitching will be at Warped today, will you? As a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Audrey Kitching:I grew up in a really artistic family – so I knew I was pretty crafty from a young age. I always wanted to be either a hair stylist or an artist and I am actually both now. I freelance as a hair specialist and do a lot of my own fashion designs.

Reporter:What sort of things do you do for fun when you aren’t online or modeling?

Audrey Kitching:I LOVE to shop and make clothes. I buy vintage rock t-shirts on eBay and then rip them apart and add lace, ribbons and other frilly stuff to them. I’m so little that I usually end up wearing them as dresses. I hang out with my friends a lot and go to New York City pretty often too, since it’s so close to Philly.

Reporter:How long have you been on Buzznet? Why do you like that site rather than others?

Audrey Kitching:Zui Suicide and I set up a page on Buzznet for our “Trashy Life” videos and photos about a year and a half ago. The kids that were on there started to go crazy for the stuff we were posting and we grew a pretty big fan base so we kept making more and more just for them. Then about 9 months ago I created a personal page so I could let everyone see and know what I was up to.

Buzznet’s where all the cool kids are hanging out. I love it because it’s basically a one-stop shop. I can do everything there – post photos, post videos, write journals, talk to my fans – rather than going to a bunch of different sites. Also, Buzznet is all about discovering and helping bands and talent and giving them cool opportunities – like this whole car promotion I’m doing. No other social networking site is doing that.

Reporter:What are your plans for the future? Upcoming projects? Collaborations? Tours?

Audrey Kitching:I’m headed out to Warped Tour as soon as I finish this interview for a big promotion – Pomona today and then the Ventura show tomorrow – then I’ll be following the tour all the way to Texas. I’m going to be driving in this CRAZY Audrey Kitching/ car that’s pink and green leopard print and has a big recreation of Iron Maiden’s Eddie on the back – made to look like me. It’s the most awesome obnoxious car ever. At Warped, I’m going to be covering the tour for Buzznet and do autograph signings for my fans. After Warped, I’ll head back to Philly. Zui Suicide and I also just shot a TV pilot with a big producer based on our “Trashy Life”’ videos that we’ve been doing for years. So I’ll probably be going to New York soon to take meetings with TV Networks to try and get it sold.

Reporter:What’s on your TV when you turn one on? OR what movies do you think kick some ass?

Audrey Kitching :D on’t really watch TV, but love movies – especially horror and underground/cult ones. Some of my favorites are Igby Goes Down, Gummo, Kids and Wild Zero.

Reporter:Where is the best place to shop for clothes in LA?

Audrey Kitching:I love the vintage stores in LA. I always buy a ton of stuff when I’m here and then bring it home and redesign it. Favorite stores are Pop Killer, Jet Rag, Wasteland and Barracuda.

Reporter:What are you wearing right now as you answer these questions?

Audrey Kitching:[Laughs…] A Motley Crue dress I made, only it’s falling apart because I didn’t have enough time to finish it before I had to get to the airport. Lots of rhinestone bracelets, one earring because the other one broke on my way over to Buzznet to do this interview, black flats that I added rhinestones too and my purse that weighs about 75 pounds.


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